Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's where we get our best thinking done...

Seriously, she is so excited about sitting on the potty. It's the next best thing LOL.

Presents from Grandma!

Grandma Alison sent a package that we got a little over a week ago. Mady got her own toy cell phone and a stuffed animal that she immediately hugged. There was also Valentine's Day goodies! There was also a super cute dress, with a giant bumble bee on the matching diaper cover~mom you have good taste~ :)

grr Sick again

Well I guess it was time for us to get hit again for our monthly ritual of getting some nasty bug. This time it hit all of us really hard for a few days, but went away almost as fast. We all had fevers and coughs that hurt. Today we all feel much better and were able to play, go to class and work. For two days though Mady only wanted to sleep on the couch or in daddy's arms.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sort of walking

Mady has been getting better and better each day, but it's hard to catch her on camera



If you listen you can hear her saying "mmmm mmm" 'cause when we were trying to get her to eat, we always try to convince her that it is so good and she wants to eat it and we would always say "mmm mmm" so now she does.
Dolly after Stake Valentine's Day Dance

Mady got a sink bath since the we couldn't use the tub
Kendall and Cassandra recaulked the bathtub! Wow married life...

 Mady insists on using her spoon/fork

Monday, February 9, 2009


Mady took her first steps today!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm sorry I can't help it...

I can not stop laughing at this and I know I'm a jerk
This will be the one to show the first boyfriend! Click to enlarge and you can see the GIANT burger bubble hahahahahaha

This is a dress that my mom gave Mady when we were in Alaska last summer. It is a size 9 month and she can finally wear it without falling off her.


Mady loves crawling into whatever she can, but loves being pushed around in Dolly's shoebox

I love me some Jamba Juice!
I think she looks like her Mom in this picture....
I curled Dolly's hair and ...
Mady wanted pretty girl hair too, but this was the best picture Kendall could get...