Monday, August 9, 2010

Bear World

Riot Zone fun...

We all went to the Riot Zone and it was pretty fun. I didn't get any pictures of us doing the bumper boats, because, well I was driving and I had Mady too, but that was her favorite! I thought she'd be nervous/scared, but she laughed the whole time! We also went go-kart racing, and I've never done it before, so that was cool. I took Mady in mine, so we got lapped a few times because I was a scared Momma ;) Mady got to do the kiddie boats by herself! She is getting so big.

So.. I got my haircut... and

and then I got it colored.... but... It doesn't photograph well, so I guess it'll be a surprise for those at home! :) It takes.. a bit of getting used to. It's different. I got amazing reception though when I took this pic.. hehe

Saturday Morning Frog Car time :)

Mady is OBSESSED with this frog car... and I have no idea why... It couldn't be more boring! But when we drive by where it's at, she begs for the frog car.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've been terrible at posting lately....

We went to the Beehive something or other, they had free dinner and entertainment. Mady's in her swimsuit because it was right next to the splash park, so she ran through that first. She looooooved the chocolate milk and ice cream sandwich!

Here's Mady and baby K! I just love him, he's sooo cute and sweet.

and finally, Hannah and Mady on Hannah's last day. Hannah, you have NO idea the positive impact you had on our lives. Prayers are answered :) We miss you already!