Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't think of a clever title.

This is the knife Lillie got though airport security... it was just in her purse, she forgot about it. We realized after we got all the way back home that it was in there.

My little girl is OBSESSED with reading books before bed. She is also starting to say three word sentences. She has also mastered getting naked in record time, and running around announcing that she is 'naked.' Mady is also getting pretty good at getting her clothes back on. She is very independent and HAS to put her socks and pants on by herself. She's also taken to helping herself to the fridge, which is not so amazing. I never had a lock on the fridge/freezer because she couldn't reach the handles before :)

Oh... and we're moving!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite pictures from trip to Alaska

Mady and her Cousin Sierra... aren't they cute?

GIANT moose in my Dad's driveway!

For Mady's birthday cupcakes, I made an army of creepy Elmos

Dancing :) (Kendall's dad Kevin is in the blue shirt behind her)

First Ice Cream sundae... Shared with Mommy of course :)

Not sure who was more excited, Kendall or Mady.... and below is Mady playing on the waterbed with cousin Clyde.

Below: Mady takes her airplane safety very seriously.

Grandpa Aaron and Grandma Alison

Uncle Russell & Cousin Jared