Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last week...

We had to take her to Big Jud's!

Mady is 6 months old today!

This is a picture slide show that Kendall's sister Lillie put together of Mady's pictures.

On Wednesday...

We went to the temple!!

Jack & Wanita went with us, and the McCallisters were there, and so was Holly!! It was great. We've set a date to be sealed in the Anchorage Alaska Temple when we go home next month! We went to our new ward today, and it was nice to sit in pews again :) I haven't been to a ward with people of different ages in over a year and a half. It was nice to see older couples and families with children over 4. I miss our old ward already though!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Got my temple dress!
I love this little girl!

80 degree weather!

So I definitely think Mady is hitting a growth spurt, she is sleeping like nobody's business. She's almost 6 months old, so that seems about right. I am completely swamped with school work (that's why I'm posting at 12:30 in the morning!) I have a class in 5 hours. Oh dear. Back to the homework!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kendall & Mady at the airshow

Dolly's sunburn after the airshow.

I am finally going to be able to go home for a visit! My parents helped us out with tickets to Alaska July 24 - Aug 7. I couldn't be more excited! I have been here in Rexburg for a year and a half without being able to go home, and since then I have gotten married and had a baby! I can't wait to share Madeline with our families! I've scheduled our endowments at the temple for next Wed 25th for the 1:30 session. YEAH!! We'd love for anyone to join us.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So Mady's room has looked like someone threw up clothes all over the place because I've been trying to go through her clothes this week. She grows out of her clothes so fast! Anyways, I have boxes of baby clothes I got from my friend Wanita, who got them from her sister in law. A lot of the clothes still have tags on them, or are barely used. I was going through another box, and we found a johnny jump up in the bottom of one! I was excited, because ever since I saw Arora (the Mayer's baby girl) playing in one, I thought maybe Mady would enjoy one. I'll post some pictures soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

For a change, more Mady Pictures!

I don't know if anyone wonders this, but just in case...I put a ridiculous amount of pictures on my blog, because no one in my family has seen Mady yet. Yep. No one came when she was born, we did it all on our own. It was hard. On top of having no family, I had her over Christmas break, so anyone here that would have visited me at the hospital, or at home, was gone. Anyways, it seems to be the easiest way to keep both families updated on Mady. I'm not even sure that any of them even look anymore, but I'd like to think they do. This is becoming a little negative, but I'm having one of those days when I start thinking about stuff.. So I'm posting more pictures :) I was so excited to be able to get Mady some new toys on Saturday, there was a garage sale that you got a grocery bag and everything you could fit in one was $1. I got about 7 toys and a few soft books for a buck. whoo hoo!

At last, a silly picture of Kendall in front of the Lilacs at my house. They smell so amazing!