Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been a while!

Mady's first time falling asleep during dinner :)

We moved again! We LOVE our new place. We decided to move when our last electric bill was over $400. We were in an older house that was SUPER inefficient. We found a great place for a good price, so we took it! Can I just say, I forgot how wonderful it is to have a dishwasher? And a garbage disposal? Ah, the simple joys in life ;) You can kind of see in the back of this picture, but we actually have color on the walls! I misplaced our camera in the move, although I've got a pretty good idea of where it's at if I could ever get around to it. I have some cute pictures on my phone of Mady, but I can't get the cable to work, I think it's broke.
The place we moved into has a clubhouse... that has a SWIMMING POOL! So we've been going about every other day, and Mady is obsessed. Also, we're back to being a three member family! Levi moved out Monday and Lillie went home to Alaska about a month ago. I'll miss them both, but wow it's great to have some privacy again...

It is mid-terms already! I have been staying pretty busy with school... and it's gonna get even busier! In 3 weeks we have our internship fair, where we'll go and meet different internship providers in the area, and hopefully get selected! I'll start in April, which is coming up so fast!

Mady is doing great, she gets cuter and more wild everyday :) She's really had a language explosion and is speaking in sentences now. She amazes me everyday with how much she is learning, and it's really fun to see what she'll do next.