Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st full week of school complete...

It's been a crazy few weeks.. We went to the fair the weekend before school started, which was actually pretty fun. Not quite as great as the State fair in Palmer, but it was pretty good. I even went on a carnival ride with Kendall... it was a scary one too, I screamed my head off the whole time, and Kendall says I was white as a ghost. Good times.

My classes are going alright, so far I like them a lot. I really feel like I'm right where I should be. I'm taking 4 social work classes and a D&C class. 15 credits again this semester. Tuesday I'm going to the local jail! What's neat about this semester is I basically have the same 20 classmates in all 4 of my classes, and we seem to be getting along well together.

The weight loss... well it's slowed down to a dead crawl, but I've lost 27 lbs and 12 inches. I really have to start adding more exercise into my routine. I'm trying to renew my commitment to staying healthy and my new goal is to lose 20 more lbs by Christmas. Hold me accountable!

Mady is doing GREAT! She is such a joy in our lives and I love being her mommy.


Just trying on my new snowpants!

I love broccoli!

Sleepy head

Daddy got a little carried away with the bubbles....

Peanut butter and apples in Daddy's work van... maybe not the BEST idea..

Lillie at the fair..LOL...